I enjoy most painting on location (plein air) in oil and pastel. Nature continues to be the master teacher. My goal is to capture a fraction of the mystery in color. When your heart is moved, as mine was, by seeing some of what I experienced, the cycle of creation continues and beauty expands.

Working with my hands in nature has always been an important part of my life. Growing up in Minnesota near farms and lakes, the beauty and mystery of the visual world etched an indelible
mark on my soul.

I have been working as a painter and sculptor since 1986. Most of my early work was sculpted in relief and painted with acrylic. Following an apprenticeship with muralist David Burnside, I have done numerous large scale sculpture and mural commissions for businesses and churches in addition to exhibits and art fairs in the Chicago area. While there I studied at the Palette and Chisel Academy. I have also studied with Richard McKinley, David Leffel, Daniel Gerhartz, and currently at the Atwood Atelier in Madison, WI with Philip Salamone.

Contact me at:
Phone: (608)-622-2477
Email: johnhmix@gmail.com